10 Ways To Have a More Enjoyable Reading Experience

10 Ways To Have a More Enjoyable Reading Experience

Hello fellow book lovers! It’s been a hot minute here. The whole world is currently experiencing something foreign to most of us, I hope you are doing well.

A lot of people have been thrust with more time on their hands, even if you are still busy as ever before, I believe you will benefit from this post!

I had a good reading experience so far, I am on my fourth book this month and might do about seven books before the month runs out but it’s not about the number, it’s about the experience for me. Before this pandemic, I did some reading while commuting or waiting for someone or my turn for something. I have been home more and I love to have a good reading experience.

I know there are days we just want to get lost in a book and don’t give a rat ass about the experience. On other days, you might want to get in a comfortable position. Whichever, these are things you can do to make your reading experience more enjoyable:

Find Your Position: 

A good reading position can be life changing. I prefer reading e-books while lying down and reading paperbacks while sitting on a chair. I realized this after trying different things and actually paying attention.

Create a Reading Nook/Set The Environment: 

Just doing a Pinterest search of reading nooks makes you want to grab a book to read. Setting the environment for your reading pleasure can elevate your reading experience. It also applies to whether you like reading in a quiet space, listening to music or among other people.Enjoyable Reading Experience

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Have a Reading Buddy: 

A reading buddy does not have to be permanent. You could just find someone that is interested in reading the same book you want to read. You could read the book together then talk about it, even video calls. If its a book you bought enjoy, this will be an exciting period for both parties.

Change the Font or Colour of What You Are Reading (e-reader): 

I only use the Scribd app for reading e-books and it gives you the option to change the colour of how the pages of a book will appear and your font. I believe other reading apps should have this function to. Sometimes, switching things up from the default setting could help improve things.

Take Notes: 

We always feel like we will remember what we read in a book or how it made us feel but that is not always the case. Taking notes while reading a book is of great benefits because you can document your thought about how the book made you feel, how a character made you feel, what you are learning, even a social issue you would like to know more about.

Munch on Something: 

I personally do not like my mouth grinding something while reading a book but there are days I also grab something while reading a book. Maybe the flavour of what you are eating blends with your mind and everything seems perfect?

Tell Someone About The Book: 

You do not have to be a bookstagramer before you tell someone about a book. After reading Tomorrow Died Yesterday, I got so excited that I told people around me about the book which made some of them actually read it. That was a good experience for me.

Watch The Movie After Reading The Book: 

Team books over movies but seeing a film adaption after reading the book can sometimes be comforting. You know that mental picture you had of the characters, you can compare it, enjoy the movie or just rant about how it never lives up to the expectations of the book thereby appreciating the book more. While there are so many things lost in translation; thoughts. Reading the book makes you feel closer to the characters on the screen

Switch To The Audiobook: 

If you really want to read a book and the written version is not doing it for you, try the audio version. Also, audiobooks are worth it!

Drop The Book: 

Sometimes, having an enjoyable reading experience involves not finishing a book and moving on to something else. I used to be an advocate of finishing every book I started then I thought, why do I have to put myself through this if I do not want to? Some books truly get better later on, some don’t.

In what other ways do you have a more enjoyable reading experience?

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