Sell Used Books is offering you a quick and easy way to sell your used books, including textbooks. Our used book sell/auction program allows you to make money quickly and easily. There are two methods to sell your used books 1, Normal Method 2, Auction Method.

Normal Method is for vendors who have between (1) one to five (5) used books titles for sale.

Auction Method is for vendors who have over (5) used books titles for sale. We developed this method to reduce the stress of vendors who have large used book inventory when posting book titles on

Do you have used books you no longer need to sell? Visit to earn money for your used textbooks.

Step 1 : Sign up as a Vendor

1, Click the Sign up button below to submit your application for a Bookly vendor’s account, your account will be created instantly.

2, Take clear photos of your used books and transfer to your device. Write your book description and decide which method to sell with based on the quantity of your books.

Normal Method :- Login to click on Vendors Dashboard >> Products >> Add Products >> Create New Product Button.

Auction Method :- Arrange the books in a grid and take 4 photos from different angles. Login to click on Vendors Dashboard >> Auction >> Add Auction Product >> Add New Auction Product. Vendor will receive bids from interested buyers till bid ends on the Auction End date where books will be sold to the highest bidder.

Please Note :- Book buyers have privilege’s to directly contact book vendors via WhatsApp to get further confirmation of the book and transaction.

Listed books are subject to approval and will go live on our platform immediately after approval.

Step 2 : Sell and Ship For Free

Once your book is ordered, vendor will be notified via email immediately. Vendor must send the book to the buyer. As soon as buyer receives their order, vendors bank account will be credited immediately with the agreed amount sold on We handle logistics for orders by scheduling pickup from seller and delivery to buyer.

Step 3 : Get Paid

Payments are issued immediately after vendors shipment is processed. Payments are made via bank deposits or online transfer to bank accounts provided by book vendors during registration.

Trading Rules

  1. We can only accept books that have an ISBN number. The ISBN is a numeric 9, 10 or 13 digit number that is unique to each individual book. It appears underneath the barcode on most books.
  2. The cover must be free from heavy damage.
  3. The ISBN matches the ISBN you submitted during your trade.
  4. All pages intact, with none missing or heavily discolored.
  5. All the pages free from writing, annotation or answers (textbooks).
  6. Free from any water damage.
  7. All original supplements such as discs or gifts included.
  8. The dust jacket present where it was originally provided.
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